Destination weddings are something which is a daydream for many. An exotic destination like the beaches, where the ceremony backdrop is the crashing waves, the beach vibes, and the cool, multiple hues, makes the wedding a memorable one. A small gathering of your loved ones and family members far from the hustle-bustle of the cities is quite a peaceful moment for you.
If you are planning a Wedding in the Andaman Islands, the first thing to consider is the natural theme and pristine beaches with turquoise water. The Beaches are clean and areas attached to resorts are secluded. One of the most appealing things about a beach wedding is the relaxed atmosphere. Imagine yourself standing with your special one on the white sandy beach enjoying the sea breeze. Indian Weddings are about rituals, dresses, and dance but nowadays many prefer exotic venues. As the concept of destination wedding gaining popularity, new venues and destinations are emerging as favourites. Several wedding couples from across the seas are selecting serene beaches of different places for their ultimate wedding destinations. Very rarely people would consider Andaman as their wedding destination as it is not being much publicized. Andaman might be a concealed place, but it is nothing less of being picture perfect with inescapable flora and fauna, and if you want a wedding away from the bustling of city life and amidst stunning natural beauty and serenity, then Andaman is the place to be. The island also boasts of good accommodation facilities and has a good array of luxurious hotel chains as well. Andaman has you spoilt for choices when it comes to wedding locations and you can select a destination near the beach or hotel. The Andaman Islands are ideal for getting hitched with your loved ones. This Island is famous for its pristine ambience and atmosphere of peace. An isolated charm that lets you focus on nothing but your would-be, and you get a destination that spells flawlessness as a beach wedding spot. The greenery and shades of blue waters of the islands will provide a picture-perfect backdrop to your affair. With plenty of options by the beach, Andaman happens to be one of the most in-demand weddings/pre-wedding destinations in India for smaller groups. Most of the beaches in the Islands are calm and serene, far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Winds blowing in from the sea soothe both the mind and the body of the couple and the guests during the wedding rituals.