About Us

About Us

Pearl, a conquest of the sea, represents purity in its divine form. A Pearl is so lustrous and beautiful that it can even over-power all the imperfections. Not every oyster is blessed with a pearl, but only a few. Bring the royal element to your events by choosing Pearl Weddings & Entertainment. Your celebration needs careful nurturing, meticulous planning, and flawless execution to translate into a successful & aw creating event. Pearl Weddings and Entertainment is a full wedding planning agency, organising, designing, and coordinating beautiful weddings in India for couples living all around the world.

Pearl Wedding & Entertainment is managed Rajan & Shveta, a real-life married couple whose experience and management in first-class events allow couples to fully trust them in the organisation of their wedding.

Rajan Saini


Shveta Saini

Pearl Wedding & Entertainment is a team of qualified professionals brimming with zeal and fervor to make an event of you’re an extravagant affair to remember for an entire era. Our motto is simply to certify enchantment for all the services we provide to our clients as we have an uncanny ability to convert ideas to things, and eventually a reality, which is the backbone to success! Our team at the Pearl will cater to all your needs no matter how trivial it is. We believe each action of ours is crucial as it is not enough to take steps that may lead to a goal; each step must be a goal in itself.

Our Philosophy

One of our focus is to always have one step ahead in the planning in order to manage perfectly every aspect.

Whether it's about Venue booking, decor, themes, florals, photography, music, entertainment, techniques we always present our couples several quality options so they systematically have a choice, during the entire journey.